Welcome to our new and improved Kegs 2 Go page! Please browse, search, and be amazed at the amount of kegged beer we have to offer. Check the notes for more info. When you find what you want, select the size and the amount and "add" it to your keg list. Once you're done adding kegs, click on the "VIEW MY KEG LIST / ORDER KEGS" button to review and submit your keg request.

Please note: We'll do our best to keep prices updated and inventory current but they are subject to change. Also, some selections are warehoused and may not be available without a minimum of 4 days advance notice, maybe even a little longer for a few. If you need to pickup your keg today, check the inventory below and then come on down. The Kegs 2 Go ordering is setup for next day or later pickup.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll constantly be improving the Kegs 2 Go experience, if you have any feedback or suggestions please email us!

All keg sales are final, so please check the "How much beer do I need...?" page or contact us for advice on quantities for your occasion.

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